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What Our Customers Are Saying

We are proud of the things our customers are saying about us, thank you for allowing us to become your trusted precision gear manufacturing partner. They usually say: Quality is very good and that is very very important. Competitively priced and great quality, Timeliness of getting back to us, Response time to queries and emails, On time delivery, Provide a Quality product in a timely manner, Working with us to get a plan to keep our customer in parts, Excellent communication, Quality and packaging, Quality Processing, Delivery and stocking program, Advised on order status.

“We only trust official sources which Instocking LLC sells on behalf of Benehal, it is trustworthy” Said by Utah Purchasing Department. Utah government trusts Instocking LLC and purchases N95 respirators for their employees. The whole purchasing experience was very good, and the customers had a good customer experience. Utah government is willing to purchase from our company can prove we are a professional PPE supply chain.

Deborah Ng /

 CAL FIRE said: “Thank you for having such a professional N95 supplier,”  Instocking LLC is grateful to have a government organization choosing us and we will serve CAL FIRE with our most professional attitude. The N95 respirator is an essential item for the FIRE department. It is our advantage to provide the most complete range of N95 masks at a stable price and sufficient supply

Tracy Bozarth / CAL FIRE

University of Illinois Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology Clinic has trusted Instocking LLC and chosen us for many times. One of their staff, Tracy commented that “thanks for Instocking LLC’s excellent customer service. I really appreciate it” It is Instocking LLC’s honor to become N95 supplier of University of Illinois. We promise that we will keep doing good in all aspects.

Tracy B / University of Illinois

Staff in University of Hawail is also our customer. Many school users choose Instocking LLC. Instocking LLC has been the first choice of school users, because our products are complete and the price is suitable for students and schools.

Darlene Dockman / University Of Hawaii

I recently ordered from Instocking LLC and I want to say their customer service is excellent. They were very helpful when I needed more information before my order. The product arrived in time with no issues and they even threw in a coupon code for me! I’ll be sure to use them again.

Marty McCall / Strong DM

I am impressed a lot by Instocking LLC’s patient and discretion. They really did me a favore by confirming information with me again and again. Thanks a lot for their excellent logo custom service and customer service.

Ali Punzalan / GOODLES

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