Benehal N95 respirator with strict product quality control

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Su Baoxun (reporter Zhao Chenmin): Is the filtering effect good? Is it comfortable to wear? It is the key factor to evaluate the quality of masks. A disposable respirator produced by Suzhou Benehal N95 Protective Products Co., Ltd., a Suzhou enterprise, has won the brand certification of “Made in Suzhou” and is directly connected to “Jiangsu Boutique” by virtue of its industry-leading performance indicators.

The disposable respirator produced by Benehal N95 Protection is the group standard disposable respirator (T/SZBX 039-2021), which is compiled by Shikang Protection. The filter efficiency, inspiratory resistance, expiratory valve tightness and other indicators of the mask are higher than the national standards.

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“As a professional dust-proof respirator manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production and sales, Benehal N95 Protection always requires every link with high standards,” said Liu Ming, general manager of Shikang Protection. Shikang Protection can produce FFP3 respirators of high grade in the world, high-end American standard N99 and P95 (> N95) series masks, N95 masks certified by the U.S. government and European standard. Liu Ming said that because of the particularity of N95 masks, few enterprises in China have obtained American standard certification.

Shikang Protection strictly follows the high standards, and exported a large number of N95 masks meeting overseas standards in 2020. It was in that year that Shikang Protection donated a large number of N95 and other types of masks to the anti epidemic front line.

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From the beginning of the raw material clearance, Shikang Protection has strictly controlled, reviewed the supplier’s enterprise scale, production capacity and qualified rate of purchased products every year, formed a list of qualified suppliers, so as to strengthen quality control, and put forward clear quality requirements for the inspection of raw materials. In the production process, Benehal N95 Protection adopts an intelligent production mode, using automatic identification technologies and facilities such as QR code, barcode, mobile scanning terminal, etc. to achieve full traceability. Due to the excellent product quality, Shikang Protection was awarded the national high-tech enterprise in December 2020, and all technologies have reached the leading level in the industry.

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The excellent quality of products can not be separated from the solid innovation ability. At present, Benehal N95 Protection has obtained 4 invention patents, 15 utility model patents and 15 design patents. To strengthen the transformation of innovation achievements, Shikang Protection has established a complete planning, organization, coordination, control and evaluation system from project initiation, implementation to achievement transformation.

Kuai Yanmin, Head of the Project Evaluation Department of Nanjing Branch of China Quality Certification Center and Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat of Suzhou Manufacturing International Certification Alliance, introduced that in Suzhou, taking Benehal N95 Protection as an example, there are not a few enterprises that have reached the top level in their respective fields. For example, Jinlong United Automobile Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Goodchild Children’s Products Co., Ltd., which also won the “Made in Suzhou” and “Jiangsu Boutique” awards, enjoy a high reputation worldwide by virtue of the high standards and performance of their products. In the industrial chain of their respective fields, these enterprises also play a huge role. While promoting upstream enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and increase R&D investment, they also promote downstream enterprises to improve their specialization level and supply capacity around the demand of the industrial chain, and drive the collaborative manufacturing and collaborative innovation of the whole industrial chain.

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